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a quick intro...

My name is Steve Reiser, I received my bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University, now Thomas Jefferson, in 2006. Since then I worked as a Model Maker/Designer for Lasko fans for 1 year, an Industrial Designer for Anholt/Qfix Systems (radiotherapy positioning devices) for 8 years, and most recently working as a UX lead for Chatham Financial for the past 6 years.

ux design

ux design

As a UX Designer I've worked on all aspects of the design process from researching our users to tracking analytics after a design is put into production. I believe there is no "hand-off" within the design process and that the designer should be working along with the rest of the team from the initial ideation through production. 

Industrial Design

industrial design

I began my Industrial Design career assembling, finishing and painting prototypes to show to perspective buyers. I moved into a full-time design role but always remained hands on throughout the process. I believe in fail fast approach, where it's important to create fast prototypes or mockups to test out ideas prior to getting to involved with the 3-D modeling.

side projects

side work

In my free time I explore ideas that I have, and have even launched a few kickstarter campaigns for some. Other projects I enjoy just working on for my family, friends or myself. 

about me

A little about me outside of work. I'm married and an we have one child, his name is Scout (he's fury with 4 legs). On the weekends you can find me either camping, fishing, or hiking in the summer and either snowboarding or ice fishing in the winter. I also love to play hockey and do that year round.

I've moved a lot throughout my life (30+ times), and have lived in 4 different states, PA, MI, IL, and NJ. After coming to Philadelphia for college in 2000 I ended up staying in the area. My wife and I purchased a home in Coatesville, PA since 2016, and have been here ever since.

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about me
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